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About Perl

CamelPerl is a dynamic, interpreted and high level programming language.

Invented in 1987 and in strong development for over 30 years, Perl is one of the programming languages that has most contributed to computing, especially in the server environment, appreciated for its elasticity and its power to the point of being an integral part of all Linux operating systems. It is supported by a highly motivated community that contributes to a vast collection of software and documentation such as CPAN.

The strength is the maturity, by which we mean as "wisdom" and not as "seniority", which is why you don't run the risk of finding the code unusable overnight. Perl, is a language that evolves, the wind of change blow, but without forgetting its past, here we look to the future, we embrace the new that advances.Roadrunner Among the most interesting developments we can certainly mention RPerl which allows you to parallelize and compile your Perl software to get a native, ultra-fast and fully compatible binary.

Perl is ultimately a modern and sociable language, it interacts with the shell and other programming languages, allows you to implement small procedures or build an entire software distributed on different servers, optionally equipped with complex graphical interfaces for the web. With PSGI / Plack technology it is possible to show an interface like any other website.


new code

new code

Programming in Perl and expanding the functionality of software is our every-day profession; sometimes we work on a small components, other days on backends or more structured and complex software; we know how to satisfy all requests. Software written in Perl is the guarantee for a long-lasting business.


Software becomes obsolete very quickly and there is no way to prevent it. It's imperative to stay up to date and an established company cannot ignore this critical business reality. There is a team of professionals who take care of your infrastructure, even H24 if necessary. You will no longer be forced to update in an emergency, instead you will plan every operation safely in advance.




The reasons for migrating to a new language can be many, often a company reaches this conclusion when it does not have reliable technical support for years to come, or because it wants a more deeply-rooted technical solution. Not computer language much is more rooted and reliable than Perl, so let's discuss the alternatives together.


We often provide support for small servers which have messed up, as well as more complex situations where we work to achieve maximum performance. Customers perceive commitment and reliability through your tools, maintaining your brand's reputation in a server and software infrastructure in the Cloud and parallel computing.


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How does perl.support support Perl?

We use Perl, which is a programming language developed by a community of excellent programmers. We draw freely from all the available resources and assume a moral obligation to give back to the community, perhaps writing documentation or notifying a problem encountered in a module. There are so many ways in which we can help, including contributing to complex Perl projects.

CPANCPAN is a virtual place where the brightest minds meet, here you can see the tremendous amount results achieved by the work of thousands of professional programmers, engineers and computer scientists who have contributed to Perl. CPAN is literally a library that contains extensive documentation and thousands of Perl modules that can be used to accelerate the development of any idea.

We love all this and we also want to do our part for the Perl community.

The Perl Foundation Information technology is progressing very rapidly and Perl is tracing new paths without the help of large companies or the investment of large amounts of capital, we are really proud to be part of a community with such a strong temperament, with such a wide vision and a courageous mission, and we do it for real with The Perl Master Plan, here we focus our ideas which are the future Perl's milestones, because we, the Perl community, we know exactly where we want to go and above all who we want to be.

The Perl Foundation In this spirit Perl Support promotes the updating of existing CPAN modules and the development of new Perl software aligned with new technologies, above all RPerl. We want the production of new, understandable and up-to-date documentation to facilitate the emergence of a new generation of Perl programmers, we have one of the longest histories in the IT industry, and as we look to the future we cannot fail to support Perl Foundation which is in everyone's best interest. Anyone who wants to join us is welcome.

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We are looking for highly motivated and experienced people who enjoy solving problems

We can't wait to have you on our team of experts! As a first step, please answer these questions:

  • Are you capable of managing the job yourself, in the hours you prefer and in the place you want?
  • Are you looking for a fully remote position?
  • Are you a professional contractor?

  • Do you need freedom?
  • Do you have a passion and mindset for IT?
  • Do you have your own side projects and develop software for fun?
  • Do you accept criticism?
  • Do you learn from others, and are you helpful to other engineers?
If the answer is "yes" to all the above questions, then you are welcome into the next application phase.

We love Perl, and Perl itself is the key; however, other programming languages and any other knowledge in your stack is welcome. Whether you are a developer, a system administrator, a network or cloud specialist, and even if you define yourself in a "custom way" please send us a cover letter and your curriculum vitae.

Please note: if you are not a native English speaker, then you can also send the documents in your native language.

We are eager to read something about you.

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